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Introducing robotic lawn mowers to the Utah lawn care market

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You’ve probably heard of Roomba, the robotic vacuum cleaner that makes vacuuming a thing of the past. But did you know the same thing exists for your lawn?

Although a common sight in Europe, robotic lawn mowers have yet to become mainstream in the US. And it’s a strange thing, because who honestly likes to mow the lawn?

Embla Robotics is on a mission to change that, starting with their home state of Utah. They approached me to develop a brand and build a web presence for their new product line.

As most Utah homeowners weren’t familiar with the concept of a robotic lawn mower, one of the main challenges was to convince potential buyers that the mower could deliver as promised.

Build a brand and web presence that introduces the robotic lawn mower to Utah homeowners.
The Process

Developing the brand

Embla Robotics wanted their brand to be a blend of high-tech robotics and their Swedish roots. In Norse mythology, Ask and Embla were the first two humans created by the gods. Ask, the male, refers to the ash tree, whereas Embla, the female, refers to the elm tree or vine.

Embla symbolizes the environmentally friendly way robotic lawn mowers mow your lawn, void of any emissions and virtually silent in its operation. I incorporated this in their logo by making the “embla” a deep green and using ModaerneLight as the typeface to get a robotic look and feel.


Building the site

A key insight the Embla Robotics team had about their customers was that people who are unfamiliar with robotic lawn mowers need to see it in action before being convinced a robot could ever mow their lawn.

When designing the website, I knew that video would play a crucial role in convincing people of the robot’s capabilities. In fact, the first thing website visitors see is a video showing the mower work its magic.

It’s one thing to talk about your own product; even more effective though is having satisfied customers talk about it for you.

To that end, I helped the Embla Robotics team produce nine video testimonials as “Automower Success Stories”. Website visitors could now see firsthand how other people’s lives were improved by the purchase of a robotic lawn mower.


We experimented with several call-to-actions (CTAs) to get website visitors to take action. Our first thought was that people would want to see the lawn mower in person before committing to anything, which lead to “schedule a free demo” as our first CTA.

As it turns out, this was too big of a step for most first-time visitors to take – after all, they’d only just become aware that robotic lawn mowers even existed. What people really wanted to know was if they could even afford this high-tech gadget. After changing our CTA to “get a free quote”, we saw a significant boost in our overall conversion rate.

Driving targeted traffic

Once the new website was launched, it was time to drive targeted traffic and generate qualified leads. Since no one in our target audience would really be Googling “robotic lawn mower”, that left us with Facebook Ads as our main source of traffic.

With Facebook’s targeting criteria, I was able to define a target audience that lived within a 15 mile radius of Embla Robotics’ HQ and had previously shown an interest for “robotic lawn mowers” or the “roomba”. Hey, if a robot is already vacuuming your floors, you’d probably want a robot to mow your lawn too, right?

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Per Lindberg
Founder of Embla Robotics

“Even though I knew our robotic lawn mower had done very well in Europe, bringing it to the US market would be a huge undertaking. Working with Philip immediately brought a sense of relief, as he was able to take my initial vision and develop a strategy to market our product to Utah homeowners.

The branding and website he developed for Embla Robotics exceeded all expectations. One of the major challenges with new products is simply convincing people to try them, and Philip’s use of videos and imagery has really helped us communicate our product’s value to potential customers.

I would highly recommend Philip to anyone looking to bring an existing product into a new market.”

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