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Improving load times and visitor-to-lead conversion rates

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Patterson Homes’ existing website was suffering from slow load times and poor conversion rates. Several pages were taking more than five seconds to load, leading to low conversion rates and a poor user experience.

The major goal of this project was to make the site faster and more responsive, refresh the site design and improve visitor-to-lead conversion rates.

Patterson Homes builds homes in 15 Utah communities. Each community was represented on an interactive map, which would have to be manually updated when communities were added or removed. Within each community, there would be a number of floor plans available, which would in turn be associated with individual listings.

This dynamic relationship between communities, floor plans and listings had become increasingly challenging to manage and needed to be restructured and improved.

Improve load times and conversion rates while simplifying the management of communities, floor plans and listings.
The Process

Redesigning the website

The first step was to create a new website design with the homebuyer target audience in mind. It was important to build on the existing Patterson Homes brand with their 75 years’ experience as a Utah home builder. I was able to go from concept to approved designs in under one week thanks to efficient iteration and collaboration using Sketch and InVision.

Interactive maps, filterable listings and user accounts

The website had many moving parts, including an interactive map for displaying home listings, AJAX filters for narrowing down listing results and password-protected user accounts.

I used the Roots Bedrock/Sage WordPress framework to keep the codebase modular and easily maintainable.

Custom admin experience

As almost everything on the site had to be editable, I built a custom WordPress theme to support the various site functions and created a custom admin experience for managing the site’s content.

For instance, any admin was able to manage the location of a listing by simply dragging and dropping a pin on an interactive map. Listings could also be linked to both communities and floor plans through dynamic drop-downs.

Getting more visitors to take action

Patterson Homes’ existing website was suffering from poor visitor-to-lead conversion rates. To get more visitors to take action, the entire header and the footer “Contact Us” icon were made “sticky” so they would always be visible to the visitor.

Faster load times
Increase of visitor-to-lead
conversion rate
New leads per month

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