Rebuilding a membership website of 13,000+ members from the ground up

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The Global Society of Empowered Women, or TheGSEW, had seen its online community of professional women grow to over 13,000 members over the span of several years. With this explosive growth, however, came a host of challenges for both the public-facing website and the backend administration of its vibrant community.

First, TheGSEW wanted to completely revamp the website’s most important function – the member directory.

Second, managing the tens of thousands of members and leads had become overwhelming for TheGSEW’s staff, leaving them unable to effectively follow up with leads and administrate existing members.

Rebuild TheGSEW’s membership website with advanced search functionality and a backend to better manage its members and leads.
The Process

Function before form

Before doing anything design-related, I wanted to nail down the functional requirements of the project. To stay focused on the functionality and encourage quick collaboration, I got started by flowcharting the typical visitor flow and creating wireframes of key website pages.

These flowcharts and wireframes allowed us to quickly determine the essential functionality of the new website without being distracted by design choices.

Once both the frontend and backend functionality was defined, I got to work creating a new look and feel for the public-facing website. It was important to keep the design consistent with TheGSEW brand while still refreshing it to appeal to a more modern audience.

Simple, powerful search

Searching a directory of 10,000+ members can quickly become overwhelming without a way to narrow your results.

The website redesign included numerous ways of filtering a user’s search results based on name, location, industry, job title, causes and interests.

Converting visitors into leads

One of the goals of the project was to improve TheGSEW’s visitor to lead conversion flow. The challenge was to capture all the information required by TheGSEWs sales team and still make it easy for visitors to fill out the registration form – even on mobile.

By creating a custom landing page specifically for lead generation, we were able to significantly improve lead conversion rates and provide a more intuitive registration flow for visitors.

Managing members and leads

I chose WordPress as the platform to build TheGSEW’s backend. Thanks to its near infinite extensibility, I was able to build a custom WordPress driven backend that was tailored to TheGSEW’s member management requirements.

Number of GSEW members
Resources available to members
Ways to connect with members
Beth Johnston
Founder & President of TheGSEW

“The expertise of Philip came highly recommended by a well-respected colleague. Our ‘dating’ phase was executed with confidence, professionalism and sufficient inquiry to arrive at the necessary level of comfort to move forward with Philip as our partner.

What I appreciate so much about Philip is his desire to understand the overall nature of our business, our market, and our mission. What I respect so much about Philip is his work ethic, his respect of my time and goals, his thoughtful input, his willingness to be flexible when necessary, and his patience in working with a less than tech-savvy client!

I do not hesitate to recommend Philip; his rates are very fair and I am confident we will be working together for many years.”

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